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What is a "Bling"?                Who is RAM??            Check out Road Romp '04

The Book

Rough draft chapters of a non-fiction collection entitled:

RAMblings: A Pithy Stream of Cogitations and Ruminations, Digressions and Reflections,

and Observations and Consternations Around and About the U.S.A.

or, as I nicknamed it, before the term got hijacked to mean something else, The Blings.

The book loosely chronicles the Roadrage2000 roadtrip from Rochester NY to Sacramento CA and back. 

Digressions and flashbacks abound as the mind wanders with the passing of the miles....

(Someday, I might even finish the dang thang.)



1 - ramacking 101 

Cleaning Out The Attic


2 - New York:  Ta-Ta, RaChaCha

The Road        The Upstate Tour        Pastry Poop


3 - Massachotts

Turnpikes and Bullshit        Gawlf with a G        Boston


4 - Ducking The Apple

Taconic Tirade        Apple Yarns        Yankees Suck


5 - The Keystone State:  Doing The Scranton Dodge

 Scranton Dodge        Lane Logic        Scranton Dodge Redux


6 - Mary Land

Mary Land


7 - West Goddamn Virginia

Wheeling Through Wheeling        Oh Deer


8 - Come On Down, Sweet Virginia

 Gettin' Through DC        Skyline Driving


9 - Cruisin' Carolina

 Parkway Putzes        Skott Land        Bulls, Devils, and Mr. Hoppy


10 - Palmetto Ponderings

 Hilton Headgames        Five Diamond Follies        Brian, Frank, and Pedro


 11 - That's a Peach, Hun!

Savannah and Atlanta        Tribulations at the Trials        Banners and Small Town Entertainment


12 - Rammalamma In Alabama

 Freakin' A

Includes these Florida Focks

Sarasota Noochin'        The Duval Crawl

More Conch Republic Reveries        Still More Conch Republic Reveries

Sundry South Florida Frolics


13 - A Looziana Loser

L as in LSU and Lotsa Libations        The Big Easy        Hard Times in the Big Easy


14 - Mizzippi

 NTP and the Fall of Mr. Hobson        Tupelo Zoned and a Happy 4th


15 - Bad Roads and Sucking Toads

 Volunteer and Bluegrass Reveries        Cheers to Maurice and Kirwin        The Toad Suck Controversy


16 - OK

Sooner Here Than Stupid Texas        Cruel Cargo and Condiments        Greater Enid


17 - Can's Ass

 The Great Prairie Dog Scam        Memories of Mizzou        The Rise of the Lung Demon


18 - Rockies and Rollies

 Mile High Hopper        The Peak, The Keg, and The Moose

Dandy Dunes, Gorgeous Gorge        The Fabulous Dancing Cows of the Curecanti


19 - Utah Rocks

Prior Passes        Fisher Towers        Awesome Arches      Bridges, Bikers, and Bryce

Zion        The Valley Of The Gods        The Universe Provides        Who Drained Lake Powell?

Mission Accomplished        Kokopelli and Karma        Fisher Trail and the Seven-Pack

Cedar Breaking        A Narrow Return        Surface Creep


20 - Arizona's Hot!

 Zeds, Morons, and Tectonics        Bad Food, Bad Hat        Next Time:  SW03

Diggin' the Desert        Corkscrew Canyon


21 - Never Nevada

 Snow Capped        Grunts and Gratuities        Dust Devils and Mead Mud        Victim of Vegas Again



22 - Coolo Californio

Desert Driving and Freaking Fans        Cabbies, Beggars,and Boppers        Screw Bakersfield

The Pacific Coast Highway        San Fran By Day        Frisco Nocturno        Sacramento!!!

The Other Side of the T&F Trials        National Parking        Various Volcano Visits



23 - Oregon

Q, Beaver, and One Cool Cool Crater        Track Town USA


 Plenty more to come!!!


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