Unlike the 2000 Blings, which break down that famed cross-country ramack by state,

the RR04 Blings chronicle a similar journey by daily accounts.  Pick a PDF or two and

see what 8229 miles, 12 states, 4 time zones, and 11 National Parks, in 17 days is like.



June 10:  FL

The State of South Florida

June 11:  FL  AL  MS  LA

North Into The Deep South

June 12:  LA  TX

Looziana        Stupid Texas        San Antone

June 13:  TX  NM

Remember the Riverwalk        Entering Centric Time Zone        Cows and Cantaloupes

June 14:  NM

Carl's Bad Caverns        Aliens Go Amber        Rippling Gypsum

June 15:  AZ

Toolin' Around Tombstone        Cacti and Diamondbacks

June 16:  CA

California Desert Drivin'        Joshua Tree and the Mojave        The Real Golden State

June 17:  CA

Two Parks in One        Back to the Yo

June 18:  CA

Morning at Glacier Point        The Missed Trail        Vernal Follies and Vivid Views

June 19:  CA  NV

Downhill Day        Runnin' Down A Dream        Diggin' Death Valley

June 20:  NV  AZ  UT

Leaving Las Vegas        The Rocking V

June 21:  AZ 

North Kaibab Trail Downbound        Up and Out        Lane Laments in the Desert

June 22:  AZ

Rim Riding        Jeroming        Turning East

June 23:  AZ  NM

Canyon de Chelly        Go 'Topes!

June 24:  NM  TX  OK  AR

Nothing to See Here        The Bland Day

June 25:  AR  TN  MS  AL

The Toad Suck Experience        The Land of Grace        Natchez Tracing        The Birmingham Quest

June 26-29:  AL  FL

The Road Home