Monument Valley, Utah:  16 June 2003

None of this is even State Park land, but it has National Park quality scenery in my book.

The Valley of the Gods was especially invigorating.  [29 photos]

UT-163 North

Roadside monolith

Utah sign

Official welcome sign

Monument Valley ahead

Buttes beside the highway

Offroading in Chief

Buttes and spires

Bizarre balancing rock

Huge buttes. Note the homes and cars in the foreground for scale

Chief and driver

Serious offroading

More odd formations

Entering the Valley of the Gods

The heart of the Valley of the Gods

Dirt road through the VOTG

Majestic monoliths

The wall of the valley

Wide and narrow

The road out

Rock tower

Valley wall

Valley of the Gods

Bed and Breakfast (sign on gate says "Closed")

Open all year??

We're gonna climb that

Utah "highway" 261 North

What's a Dugway?

Sweet vista