Tombstone, Arizona:  16 June 2004

Just 30 miles from the Mexican border in the southeast corner of Arizona, Tombstone takes a little drivin' to get to, but it's a pretty

cool place.  Classic middle-of-nowhere town, kept alive by legends of Wyatt Earp and his ilk.   [24 photos] 

Truck got blindsided by a dust devil and had an accident

City Hall

You can read the sign

Scene of the infamous shootout

The wooden sidewalks are a nice touch, especially in the southern Arizona heat

Main Street is well restored, though it's asphalt now. Only horses, buggies, and pedestrians are allowed

Need a book?

An old brothel called Madame Mustache's

Big Nose Kate's Saloon (and former brothel)

Dave, the barkeep at Kate's

Saloon art

The bar. Grand, ain't it?

A horse

Ice in the trough

Legends of the West Saloon

Are you reading the captions?

The Bird Cage Theater

Huge painting in the lobby of the Bird Cage

A pleasant stroll down memory lane

Crystal Palace Saloon. Nice place, cheaper beer.

Another shady sidewalk

A real stage coach.

Facts about the real stage coach

Big Nose Kate's with characters