San Francisco, California:  15-16 May 2005

The fog never lifted at Point Reyes or over the city itself on Sunday, but when Monday dawned clear and bright, I headed back across the bridge to

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, then back again to the Presidio and Twin Peaks. [40 photos] 

A typical view of San Francisco's skyline

Point Reyes National Seashore was fogged in too, but still had cool trees

There's an ocean out there somewhere.

Still an impressive coast

Seals in the surf

Seals on the rocks


Fog devouring the hills

Golden Gate Bridge in its shroud

Top half of northern tower gone

Southern tower completely gone

Caution: see-saw in street?

What a difference a day makes.

Golden Gate NRA

Golden Gate Bridge from the Golden Gate NRA

Another angle

Lighthouse Point

Looking inland at Golden Gate NRA

Rugged coast

Golden Gate NRA covers more than 75,000 acres

A mysterious cave in the cove.

A classic springtime scene

Golden Gate NRA has more than 59 miles of shoreline

Nobody ever reads these captions

Bird Rock, with its "natural decorations"

Golden Gate Bridge's towers are 746 feet tall. The span is 220 feet above the water.

The wide channel of water is actually the "Golden Gate" for which the bridge was named.

Hillside homes, zoomed in from across the bay

Skyline silhouette with foreground cables

The Golden gate Bridge is 1.7 miles long, and runs north-south

The Bridge was finished in 1937. And there was great rejoicing.

Ocean view from the Presidio

The Marin Headland, from the Presidio

The Marin Headland, from the Presidio


A Presidio street

Alcatraz, from the Presidio's overlook

City view from Twin Peaks

Typical San Francisco homes

Typical San Francisco homes