Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah:  16 & 20 June 2003

The second largest man-made lake in the country, Lake Powell is an enormous oasis in a the vast southwestern desert.

In 2000, I swam and dove into a couple of 20' deep coves.  Those same spots were bone dry in '03.   [23 photos] 

Lake Powell was created in the 1960's with the damming of the Colorado River at Page, UT.

Glen Canyon NRA has become a huge draw to water sport enthusiasts

The white rock shows the former level of the water.

Calcite deposits from the water bleached the red sandstone.

This little cove gave me a great swim while I waited for the ferry.

The water was deep and cold.

The ferry at Hall's Crossing. Destination: Bullfrog


This was the beautiful view from the Hite Overlook in 2000.

Exact same spot just three years later

Another view from Hite Overlook

The Colorado River Bridge in the distance

Hite Overlook is on top of these cliffs


Blue Man at one of my swimmin' holes in 2000...

... and this is the same spot in 2003.

I dove into this in 2000. Decided not to in 2003.

Chief imitating Blue Man

The southeast region of Lake Powel, at Page UT.