Natchez Trace Parkway:  25 June 2004, and 23-25 May 2005

The 440-mile NTP through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee is my second favorite road (PCH is #1).  From the pink afterglows in 2004,

to the three gorgeous days of sun and lush greenery in 2005, with a refreshing shower in Fall Hollow, there are nothing but relaxing memories here.  [43 photos] 

Late-day rain gave way to a beautiful afterglow

NTP's southern terminus, at Natchez MS, on the Louisiana border.

Schoolhouse ruins, behind a brand new fence

How to build a fence with no nails or screws or clamps

NTP is a National Parkway

Trucks are not allowed

There are no traffic lights

There are no streetlights

There are no businesses

or homes

It is the ultimate cruise control road

Set CC, lean back and enjoy a stress free ride for over 400 miles!

Trees often form a tunnel effect

The roadside grass is nicely maintained

And it just goes on and on and on

And traffic is delightfully light

It was originally a mule trail from Natchez to Nashville

It took weeks to transport the goods by mule from the Mississippi River to Nashville

French Camp was exactly that. It is restored and preserved as a halfway stop, with historical displays and a sandwich cafe.

Cool lawn ornaments

The chicken salad sandwich was delicious

The Tennessee River, in the northwest corner of Alabama

Moby relaxing in the Merriwether Lewis Campground

This kind of lush canopy dominated the entire ride

The Mobe taking a well-earned rest.

Fall Hollow, a quarter-mile walk from the road, just inside Tennessee

On a hot and humid summer dusk in 1997, I enjoyed a cleansing shower here.

Tobacco Farm vista, in Tennessee

Another view from the same spot

And a third.

The town of Leiper's Fork, just off the NTP was a good side stop, complete with a replica of the General Lee.

Puckett's General Store had good food and ample supplies. I had the pot roast.

The Lawnchair Theater shows movies every evening in season.

The Leipers Fork Gallery

NTP's northern terminus. I felt like turning around and doing it all over again.