Utah Miscellany:  2003-2005

 In this roadromper's opinion, all of Southern Utah could be made into one National Park.  Here are some of the best

photos of the Utah byways that lie between all those other, more eminent, places.  [85 photos] 

Lake Powell from the air (2003)

Lake Mead, with its harsh rocks and sucking mud (I didn't like Lake Mead), starts of the SW03 tour of Arizona and Utah

Cliffs in Glen Canyon NRA

Desert plantlife

Desert wildlife (ex)

Fire on the Mountain (or is it a volcano?)

Strange rock face

Rounded roadside recesses

Sheer wall stained with "desert varnish"


Varnished wall


Walls looming over UT-95


The Colorado River

The Colorado River, from the Colorado River Bridge

UT-95, near White Canyon

White Canyon


UT-95, gap

Hidden corral off UT-191

The rock that hides the hidden corral

Dead Horse Point, near Moab

Dead Horse Point, near Moab

This is called Rock Candy Mountain. Seriously. It's on UT-89, not far from Cedar Breaks and Zion

Some buffalo grazing next to UT-9, just west of Zion NP, during Roadromp04.

More buffalo, same place, same ramack

A mutant! Yes, it's a beefalo! (Seriously.)

The Buffalo Grill, serving, yes, buffalo burgers.

UT-89 South

Had the sun blinding me in both mirrors at this point

UT-89 South, near Coral Pink Sand Dunes National Monument

The Rocking V Cafe. Good three-cheese lasagna. Cool art gallery upstairs.

Rocking V's dining room.

Hovenweep National Monument, 2005

Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep National Monument

Hovenweep National Monument

Church Rock, on UT-191, near Canyonlands NP's' Needles Area

UT-191, entering the town of Bluff

Rock wall over Bluff

Bluff's famous Twin Rocks. Pretty funky stones.

Twin Rocks from another angle

More bizarre Bluff rockery

More Bluff

UT-163 East, from Bluff, towards Four Corners

Bluff's version of Mile Zero

Bluff's bluff

UT-163 West, heading out of Bluff

UT-163 west

UT-163 overlooking the Valley of the Gods

Sunken hills, UT-163

Sunken hills, zoomed

Goosenecks State Park, UT-261, near nothing

Goosenecks SP

Goosenecks SP

Vista from Mokee Dugway, UT-261

Same spot, different angle

Same spot, yet another angle. Nice views from here, wouldn't you say?

Still another Mokee Dugway vista

UT-261, heading north from Mokee Dugway

UT-95, through Glen Canyon NRA.

Snowy peaks ahead, UT-95

UT-95, Glen Canyon NRA

Colorado River, UT-95, Glen Canyon NRA

The Colorado River Bridge

The Colorado River

A lone butte, near Hite, on Lake Powell

The Colorado River Bridge, as seen (zoomed) from Hite Overlook

Mt. Ellen (11,522') on UT-95, near Hanksville

Appropriate sign

Grooved brown buttes, on UT-95, at Hanksville

Gray buttes, UT-95, Hanksville

Green trees, white mountains, UT-24 west, near Hanksville

Gray and Green. UT-24 west, near Hanksville

Gray shapes, UT-24 west

Into the void. UT-21 west, towards Nevada

Empty prairie, Needle Range

A look back at Utah (UT-21), approaching Nevada...