California Miscellany:  2004-2005

 There is a lot of desert in the southern half of California.  Nuff said.   [53 photos] 

Moby's sleeping spot at the town of Desert Center in '04

The entire town of Desert Center.

The General George Patton Memorial, near the southern entrance to Joshua Tree N.P.


This one was about the size of Moby.

If you look closely, you can see a desert camouflaged tank in this photo

CA-247 North, between Joshua Tree NP and the city of Barstow. It was like this for almost 70 miles.

The Fabulous Fans of Tehachapi Pass, about 75 miles north of L.A.

Just a fraction of the ridge-top wind farm at Tehachapi Pass

California is indeed The Golden State.

CA-65 North, from Bakersfield to Sequoia N.P.

Orchards on the left, dry golden hills on the right. CA-65 North.

CA-120 East, leaving Yosemite NP

The eastern slopes of the SIerra Nevada, from US-395, just east of Yosemite N.P.

CA-395 South, near Yosemite NP

Awesomely tossed 'za, in Bishop, on US-395

CA-395, looking east towards the Inyo Mountains

The "town" of Dunmovin, on US-395

The "living" part of Dunmovin

A Dunmovin cabin. These used to be available for rent.

Donmovin's former HQ

The entire town of Dunmovin is for sale. The water rights are key, I would think.

CA-190 North, heading to Death Valley NP

CA-190, near Daeth Valley

Mars, taken by Spirit Rover (not really, but it had you thinkin')

CA-190, east into the Panamint Valley

Murro Rock, at Murro Bay, on US-1, the south end of the Pacific Coast Highway

Murro Rock

The beach at Murro Bay

Surfer dudes at Murro Bay

The thrill of the wild ride

The quaint town of Sonora, near Yosemite NP

CA-120, winding east through the hills towards Yosemite

High hills on CA-120, near Yosemite NP

Golden hills on CA-41, heading east from Murro Bay

Rustic scene on CA-41

The rural countryside, on CA-41

The Other California. CA-58, between nowhere and noplace.

CA-58, the road goes ever onwward

Eagle, on CA-58

Eagle mugging for the camera

CA-89, just west of the NV border, between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe

CA-89, another sweet vista

Looking east from CA-89. The snowcapped mountains are in Nevada. The Spanish word "nevada" means "snow-capped." "Sierra" means "mountians."

Impressive valley, from CA-89

Monitor Pass, CA-89. This was in mid-May.

CA-89 through Monitor Pass became my route when Tioga Road, into Yosemite, was still buried under 12 FEET of snow, in mid-May.

CA-89, a Sierra view

CA-155, leaving Yosemite NP

Pedro Reservoir, from CA-155

Same shot, zoomed

Pedro Reservoir, as the sun sets....