Jerome, Arizona:  14 June 2003, 22 June 2004, 19 May 2005

This town was an accidental find on SW03, and it lured me back for an in-depth tour on RR04. 

The burgers and views were good enough for another stop in '05.  [67 photos]

Jerome on the hill.

The big J

Typical Jerome homes

Steep roads

View from 89A, just west of Jerome

Nice crib

Former mill, now condos

USA and AZ

The Jerome Palace Bar & Grill -- missed this place in '03...

...but returned for a burger in '04 and '05.

Fat Time Amber Ale. Yummmm....

The bar at The Palace

Wouldn't dream of it

Nice place for a burger. Sweet 50-mile view.

Jerome's main street

Paul & Jerry's Saloon


Local yokel

Toss a coin for a good cause


E Clampus Vitas gives Jerome a big thumbs-up!

No joke either

Brothel turned art gallery

Mmmmmmm. Pints of homebrew for $2.00. MMMMMM!!

Another brothel turned art gallery

Loved the slogan in '03. Bought the shirt in '04.

The late afternoon view, looking east


The upper end of Jerome's main street


Typical view from a typical home

Sweet ride

Yet another brothel gone clean

The 2005 Visit starts here... the collections seem to be going well

The Liberty Theater

Antique projectors

Silent movie theater

No leg room. I tried, but could not fit.

Relic projector. (It projects relics.)

1-speed bike. Ever see The Prisoner?

The Spirit Room of the Hotel Connor

Good attitude


Very cool eyes

Ornate trim

The Hotel Connor

Caution! I hid immediately.

And another gone gallery

Mural inside the Jerome Brewery

The Gold King Mine, on the northern outskirts of downtown Jerome

The Ghost Town

Relic vehicles

Goats have strange eyes. Ever notice that?

Their beards are kinda cool too

A mine entrance

The shaft

More relic autos


Blacksmith's tools

The Schoolhouse!


The brothel for the Gold King Mine. For those who couldn't handle the half-mile walk to town.

Welcome to Jerome! Now, get out!