Fisher Towers, Utah:  Gallery 1, 17-18 June 2003

The small red square on the map gives this place little status, but it is astounding.  The size, color and texture of these enormous fins amazed me at every turn of the trail.  I spent the night in the small campground there, all alone in lunar silence under these eerie sentinels and a billion stars.  The Towers are just a few miles up the Colorado Riverway (UT-128) and Moab.  The Moab Brewery and its 7-pack of Tie-Dye Red were a different kind of wonderful.  [38 photos]

The Colorado Riverway (UT-128), very popular with kayakers.

The Riverway Lodge.

The 3-mile long, rutted dirt road to Fisher Towers from UT-128.

Chillin' under a rock

The size is amazing.

The fins are coated with red, almost like a candy shell.

The Titan (right) is 900' tall.

Wind and water erosion sculpted these remarkable shapes.

The pipe organ effect

Looking back at the trail

Two 700' tall towers.

Those two dots are people. See if you can find them in the next photo...

See them?

Now you do.

Looking southwest

End of the trail

The Colorado Riverway, from the trail's terminus.

The Towers

The Titan

The Bird

The Titan's underlings

The rock walls lining UT-128, back to Moab

Miles and miles of sheer solid rock

The Colorado River -- the same river than flows through the Grand Canyon.

Beer break: Cutthroat Pale Ale. Yummm.

Stained Cliffs, more than a mile long.

Ram Mosaic on the outer wall of the Moab Brewery

The Moab Brewery


The Moab Brews

Good stuff

How to do package 7 beers?