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Day 1: Friday, June 23

Fly from Florida to California, zoom from Sacramento through Napa Valley. [41]


Day 2:  Saturday, June 24

Tour Redwoods National Park (1) in northern CA, then check a few state parks along the southern Oregon Coast. [60]


Day 3:  Sunday, June 25

Explore the northern Oregon Coast in the morning, then venture east along through the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. [60]


Day 4:   Monday, June 26

A brief look-see at Volcanic National Monument, then on to Crater Lake National Park (2), and close out the day at UO's Hayward Field in Eugene. [84]


Day 5:  Tuesday, June 27

Cross the Columbia into Washington, for a day of rain forests:  Quinalt Rain Forest in Olympic National Park. [68]


Day 6:  Wednesday, June 28

Leave the woods for a look at some Washington coast, then back into Olympic NP and the Hoh Rain Forest.  Best surprise of the trip was Cape Flattery, the northwesternmost point of the contiguous USA.  Well worth the long detour. [84]


Day 7:  Thursday, June 29

Olympic National Park's serene Lake Crescent set the stage for most excellent mountain scenery and hiking at the park's Hurricane Ridge. [71]


Day 8:  Friday, June 30

Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument was impressive and sobering, Mount Rainier National Park (4) was big and beautiful, and the city of Seatlle provided ample baseball and craft brews. [88]


Day 9:  Saturday, July 1

Some quality tourist time in Seatlle, including up in the Space Needle, then a scenic pass-through of North Cascades NP along North Cascades Scenic Highway. [95]


Day 10:  Sunday, July 2

A low-highlight driving day across Washington and Idaho into Montana.  The Old West-style town of Winthrop, and the east Washington farmlands made for a mellow and feel-good day. [39]


Day 11:  Monday, July 3

A full day of tremendous mountain, valley, and lake scenery at Montana's Glacier National Park. [87]


Day 12:  Tuesday, July 4

Zigged back west across Idaho, just to explore.  Nothing spectacular, just nice American scenery on July 4th. [32]


Day 13:  Wednesday, July 5

A drab day in Idaho, passing through Craters of the Moon National Monument en route to Wyoming. [30]


Day 14:  Thursday, July 6

It was still mostly cloudy at Yellowstone NP, but the sun broke through enough to get some good shots of the world's first National Park and its wildlfie. [91]

Yellowstone River Lower Falls Video


Day 15:  Friday, July 7

Driving due south from Yellowstone:  amazing peaks in Grand Teton NP, cool cowboy livin' in Jackson WY, and some fine late-day views in Flaming Gorge NRA. [83]


Day 16, Saturday, July 8

A morning fossil tour at Dinosaur NP, then back into Utah for a sweet ride along the Colorado Riverway, and finish the day with the splendid vistas at Canyonlands NP's Island in the Sky. [123]


Day 17:  Sunday, July 9

A morning ridearound through the amazing formations of Arches NP, then a afternoon of empty Utah roads, including some off-roading to Goblin Valley and more. [50]


Day 18:  Monday, July 10

A driving day across some familiar Utah ground, getting to Bryce Canyon NP just before the cold rain did. [17]


Day 19:  Tuesday, July 11

Took the morning hike around Bryce's Peek-A-Boo Trail, check out the overlooks, then took an impromptu 200-mile drive down to The Grand Canyon, to photo the lesser-known Cape Royal Area. [127]


Day 20:  Wednesday, July 12

Another morning hike at Bryce -- Navajo Trail this time -- then zoom through Cedar Breaks and across the western Utah void to see the Bristlecone Pines at Nevada's Great Basin National Park. [103]


Day 21:  Thursday, July 13

A speed record, a shoe tree, and an earthquake fault were the highlights of US-50 across Nevada.  Great to reach the green grounds of California.  Back where I started from 3 weeks ago. [47]


Day 22:  Friday, July 14

Saved the best National Park for last:  Yosemite.  Entered from the east along beautiful Tioga Road, and later got some coveted photos from the heights of Glacier Point. [45]


Day 23:  Saturday, July 15

A cloudy day of driving and errands around California's capitol city.  Camera was exhausted, but took some cool nighttime shots in historic Old Sacramento.  Awesome trip.  Amazing. [14]

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