Tioga Road, Yosemite National Park, California 14 July 2006

    Though not all of it is part of the National Park, Tioga Road has a beauty of its own.  Buried in avalanches

every winter, this sole eastside access to Yosemite is open only five or six months a year.  [23 photos]

The eastern end of Tioga Road, looking up towards Yosemite NP

There was a trapeze apparatus in the yard beside the gas station and souvenir shop

The moon over the Ritter Range

Ritter Range

Cool moon

Moon setting

Tioga Road, CA-120, winds up and over the Ritter Range to reach Yosemite

The road is snowbound as much as seven months per year.

Impressive peaks flank the ascending road

It's not hard to see why the mountain snowpack blocks this road for more than half the year

In mid-May 2005, this road was still closed, buried under 12 feet of snow, and numeroous rockslides kept it closed until early July this year!

Climbing higher into the snowy ridge

Mammoth Peak, behind Ellery Lake

Mammoth Peak, zoomed some

An alpine stream winding down to Ellery Lake

A steep slope reflected in Tioga Lake

Welcome to Yosemite National Park!

Tenaya Lake, seen from Tioga Road

Nice views from Tioga Road

A distinctive slope that Tioga Road cuts through

Fairview Dome and Medicott Dome

Medicott Dome, over Tenaya Lake

North Dome, from Olmsted Point