The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 6 July 2006

    Fed by enormous snow melts and underground springs, the Yellowstone River has carved a deep canyon through the light-hued, geyser-weakened

earth.  Most of the Parks' waterfalls lie near the rim of a huge, ancient, volcanic caldera, which covered 1200 square miles.  [22 photos]

All you need to know....

Inspiration Point. Morning clouds still mottled the scene.

Inspiration Point: a distant view of the Lower Falls

The Yellowstone River snakes to the east.

The south wall of the Canyon. The natives of this area called it the "Land of the Yellow Stone"

Grand View is the name of the lookout area, and it seems appropriate. The rising mist climbs to join the low morning clouds.

The Lower Falls Overlook, my next stop.

The view from the Lower Falls Overlook. You can see it and hear it in action on the Video Link.

A look over the edge. The Lower Falls drops 308 feet. It is twice as tall as waterfalls half its size.

The mist soaks the north wall of the Canyon, which glistens in the mid-morning sunlight.

The Yellowstone River survives the fall and rambles on eastward.

Zoomed in from Artist Point, on the south side of the Canyon.

Zooming out, Artist Point. The Falls seem to glow next to the cloud-shaded canyon walls.

A view of the Canyon, looking east from Artist Point.

White water amid the yellow stone.

The full vista from Artist point

A return to Inspiration Point, when the midday sun made a stronger appearance.

Looking straight down at the Yellowstone River.

Grand View, portrait orientation.

Lookout Point. Note the rainbow effect in the low mist.

A slightly-zoomed view on second visit to Artist Point

One last look at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone....

Watch the Falls fall (video)