Seattle, Washington:  1 July 2006

    On a gorgeous Saturday, I took in the lofty views from the top of the Space Needle, wandered among the artsy structures of

Seattle Center beneath it, and took a self-guided tour of the campus of the University of Washington. [51 photos]

Looking up at the 520-foot-tall Space Needle

The view of Seattle, looking due south

Zoomed in 10x on that peaked building. I had fun with my big zooms from up here.

Same peak, zoomed 40x.

Looking southwest

Zoomed in 10x on the cruise ship.

A 40x zoom of the ship's pool deck

Puget Sound, looking due west

The northwest view

Looking due north

A close-up of the high school

Looking northeast

Zoomed in on UW's Husky stadium

A seaplane makes its landing

A B-25 flies in from the north.

People hanging out, snapped from 520' above. This Olympus C-765 would make a cool spy cam.

On the ground, the Seattle Center area is a park filled with art displays and bizarre architecture.

Red tubes

The Science Fiction Museum


White arches

Dinosaurs beneath the arches

Spectral panels on the wall of a museum

Challenge: find the dork in this picture.

Artsy stalks, each about 25 feet tall.

A cool silver building. Not sure what it was, though.

The Space Needle makes a halo of sorts over a face-like ripple of the Science Fiction Museum

The Science Fiction Museum entrance

The Science Fiction Museum

The Science Fiction Museum

The Science Fiction Museum

A bolt


The track at UW's Husky Stadium, scene of the 1990 Goodwill Games

Very cool architecture at UW, called "U-Dub" by the locals. I guess "U-double-U" does sound a little dumb.

Red Square, named for its millions of red bricks, is the central plaza of UW, and affords a great view of Mount Rainier to the southwest.

Classic university style buildings still impress, eevn among the more modern designs

Broken Obelisk


Another angle

More classic style

Looks good on a sunny summer day. I imagine it rains a lot during the school year, making for wet walks across this large open campus.

Walkway and fountain

The fountain

A hall overlooking the fountain

For some reason, perspective shots like this have always appealed to me

Light makes a big difference in the perception

Nice touch, putting the small slots in the columns.

The bowling pin

George Washington

Up close