Seattle, Washington:  30 June 2006

    City life!  A rare encounter on NW06!  I took in a ball game, checked into my vintage

hotel room, and visited two of my favorite watering holes from sojourns past  [20 photos]

Safeco Field, with its sliding roof, is home to the Seattle Mariners.

It's a very new stadium, built with old-style brick facade

There is a huge chandelier of bat-shapes hanging inside the main entrance

The view from behind home plate. That farthest-away seat out in center field is where I would end up

The skyline of Seattle, from the top level of Safeco

A view from the remotest left field seat

Same seat, looking at outfield , scoreboard, and roof. I still had my eyes on that distant center field seat.

I made it to the remotest center field seat in the 8th inning. But the quick 1:52 game was over before the sun set!

Good digital zoom on my Olympus C-765. That's taken from that remotest center field seat!

Game over, it was off to the RAM, just down the hill from University of Washington.

More RAM stuff

The back bar of the Ram. I wanted to order a top shelf liquor, jsut to be a pain, but I went with Butt Face Amber Ale instead.

Good selection, made even more appealing by the lighting.

College Inn, room 304. Quirky place, this College Inn. Built in 1909. The "front desk" in on the 4th floor...

There is no AC (but open windows and a small fan were ample). I had a sink only; the shared bathroom was down the hall...

...and there was no TV! Seems primitive, but the atmosphere was very cool. Plus it was 2 blocks from Big Time, and only $60 a night.

The Big Time Brewery Alehouse, a scene of several blurred evenings on prior trips

The casual table area of Big Time. Not very crowded on this Friday night. But with UW in session, it's jammed.

The bar at Big Time. Note the cool retro clock on the wall.

Need one more before turning in? College Inn Pub is in the basement of the Inn. How convenient!