North Cascades National Park, Washington:  1 July 2006

    The Park is bisected by the Ross Lake National Recreation Area, and the North Cascades Scenic Highway

(WA-20) runs through the NRA.  There are no roads into NCNP, so these photos are really of RLNRA.  [16 photos]

Late day shadows make the Skagit River stand out brightly.

Gorge Creek Falls Dam creates hydroelectric power for the region. The power lines, unfortunately, cut across some otherwise pure scenes.

The slopes overlooking Diablo Lake.

Diablo Lake backs up behind Diablo Dam, the second of three dams within the NRA.

A pair of islands add a nice touch to Diablo Lake

Pyramid Peak

The glacier on Pyramid Peak's north slope

A canoe floats lazily on the southern arm of Diablo Lake

Another road shot. Photos that include the road itself help recreate what it was like to drive through these places.

Late afternoon sun cuts a low swath over Diablo Lake

A better look at the same scene

Ruby Mountain and Pyramid Peak

Diablo Lake, silver in the setting sun

Jack Mountain looms to the west

Ruby Arm, at the southern tip of Ross Lake

Crater Mountain, to the west