Random Images from around Washington:  28 June through 2 July 2006

    From the southwestern shores, to the Grand Coulee Dam in the arid central region, to the mellow eastern

farmlands, the Evergreen State provides a variety of pleasant scenes.  [29 photos]

The bridge over the Columbia River, to Astoria, Oregon.

The steel cage.

Looking back to Washington

A tanker in the distance on the Columbia

A majestic angle of the Astoria Bridge

A lighthouse at Cape Disappointment, WA

A bluff in the lingering morning fog

Teal Slough, muddy at low tide

Long needles on very short evergreen bushes

Grayland Beach, southwest coast

Robinson Mountain, in the Cascades, in north-central Washington

Unfortunately, this was dire foreshadowing. (I hit a deer in Montana that same evening.)

The arid land around the Columbia River, looking west, near Grand Coulee Dam

The arid land around the Columbia River, looking east, near Grand Coulee Dam

Grand Coulee Dam info

The Grand Coulee Damm, central Washington

The view of the dam from the back side

Lake Roosevelt is the result of the swollen flow of the contained Columbia River

Rural scene in eastern Washington

Rural scene in eastern Washington

Cowcoons in eastern Washington

More cowcoons in eastern Washington

The shores of Lake Roosevelt

Boating on Lake Roosevelt, eastern Washington

Bradbury Beach. Hey, Nate!

The Columbia River

A cascade next to Highway 20 in eastern Washington

What number is George thinking of?

A final serene rural scene near the Washington-Idaho border