Some Random Photos from  Utah:  10-11 July 2006

    None of this was virgin territory.  I got terrific photos under bright sun in Capitol Reef NP last summer, saw the highlands of

Highway 12 buried under snow in May, and had a nifty Three-Cheese Lasagna at the Rockin' V in 2003.  [24 photos]

A couple of deer chill out in an apricot orchard at Capitol Reef National Park

And a couple more relax in the next row

A barn and pasture with a large red backdrop at Capitol Reef NP

A gooseneck canyon at Capitol Reef NP

A view to the east from UT-12, between Capitol Reef and Escalante

Another zoommof the same view

Looking back towards Capitol Reef NP

The teeth of Capitol Reef

Another look

Another vista from UT-12

And another

The distinctive whites-and-greens of an apsen forest, on UT-12, heading to Escalante

A nondescript and not particulary scenic field, but this is what it looked like in July of '06, and....

... this is how the same field looked in mid-May of '05.

Tall aspens

The Rockin' V Cafe, in Kanab, UT. I first thought this was burger-n-beer, but it is casual fine dining.

The dining room of the Rockin' V. Very good food in a very nice atmosphere.

The dining room of the Rockin' V

The dining room of the Rockin' V

The dining room of the Rockin' V

The dining room of the Rockin' V. No Three Cheese Lasagna on the menu anymore, but the Chicken Alfredo was excellent.

The Parowan High School RAM!

Utah Highway 21, crossing the large western void towards Nevada

The Mountain Home Range, to the west of UT-21, marking the Utah-Nevada border.