Random Photos from Nevada 12-13 July 2006

    The low sun gave a nice glow in eastern Nevada, but the sun was high and hot on US-50 the next day.  [38 photos]

The Schell Creek Range, between Great Basin NP and Ely, on US-50

The foothills of the Schell Creek Range, just east of Ely, bask in the late-day sun

That is one lonnnnnnnnnng view

Schell Creek Range

A warm afterglow on some odd clouds over Ely.

The Toiyabe Cafe, in Austin. Cozy place with good, cheap, classic diner-style food.

And they have a cool stained glass RAM in the window!

US-50 is officially nicknamed "The Loneliest Road in America"

The Shoe Tree. Some things just make you wonder.



And more shoes

Some have fallen to the ground

Others hang all around

Some hang high in the air

Some are boots that cowboys wear

Red boots

Brand new Nikes

Fluffy slippers

A lonely sole

Golf shoes

Chad and Karen

US-50, a view of Fairwiew Peak

The long dirt road away from US-50, towards the earthquake faults at Fairview Peak

A spot where the earth's crust buckled in the quake of 1954.

The fault line, where the eastern plate dropped as much as 20 feet in a matter of seconds.

Offroading beckons.

One such option winds off to the west.

Another leads towards Fairview Peak itself

But a network of offroading options rolled across the foothill just east of Fairview Peak

There were a few colorful mounds here and there, but mostly just sage and sand and surprisingly sharp rocks.

I think we'll take that road next...

Another Jeep ad.

The view from our conquered summit

The "next" road, looking back from whence we came

A herd of desert deer scampers across the arid landscape. I bet they were thirsty.

A look back at the offroading zone. Time to return to pavement.

US-50, a look at Sand Mountain