Random Images from around Idaho:  4 July 2006

    I spent Independence Day rolling through the peaceful and lightly populated hills and forests of central Idaho.

As in 2000, it was a great way to celebrate America's birthday, by immersing myself in good American scenery.  [28 photos]

Welcome to the Gem State! Only one prior visit here, and it was a fly-through in 2000. This would be a more thorough exploration.

Some northern Idaho mountains

US-12 through north-central Idaho

The Lochsa River runs along US-12, through 70 miles of wooded mountain roads.

I spied some kayakers cruising down the Lochsa...

...and watched as they prepared to hit a patch of white water.

The leader went first to check it out....

The next one charged headlong into the dip

It was close to 100 degrees out, so I bet that cold Idaho mountain water felt good

It must have felt good, since this dude did a deliberate flip

Bring it on, #4!

Come on through, #5!

You're zoomin', #6!

Wield those paddles with aplomb, #7!

The Clearwater River, central Idaho

US-12, along the Clearwater River

The Selway River, west-central Idaho

The Selway River, west-central Idaho

The town of Grangeville celebrates Independence Day

Whitebird Hill

A Runaway Truck ramp. I fought the follish urge to gallop right into it.

Impressive vista from US-95, on the lonnnnnnnnng downhill from White Bird Hill summit

And another from the same road

A far, viewed from that same long descent

The long road down on US-95. Truckers heading north must hate this road.

The Salmon River, lon western Idaho, looking north

Salmon River, looking south

A beach, of sorts, on the Salmon River