Random Photos from California:  23 June 2006

    Bright sun in the Napa Valley gave me hope for a coastal sunset, but fog killed that.  The vineyards were nice though.  [8 photos]

Lost luggage at Sacramento Airport

A vineyard in the Napa Valley

More Napa vineyards

Vineyard owners live in big houses

The neat rows of a Napa vineyard

And more neat rows

The golden hills of the Golden State

In any language, Wash Your Damn Hands!


Random Photos from California:  13 July 2006

    US-395 from the Lake Tahoe area to the Yosemite area, offered great rural scenes, and one shocker.  [14 photos]

Looks almost Swiss

Great shadows

Bovine beasts graze serenely in front of the Sierra Nevada

More cows doing what cows do besr.

This was not the "shocker."

This was. Thankfuilly, my tank was doing fine at the time.

More Sierra Nevada

And more

Another cool road view. Drive on!

Sierra Nevada

Mono Lake

Mono Lake, with the town of Lee Vining in the shadow.

Hey, bird, no food for you.

A choppy peak at the top of the long descent to the lake.