Jackson, Wyoming 7 July 2006

    Just south of Grand Teton National Park lies the town of Jackson.  Classic western architecture and tall green hills -- not

to mention the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar -- make this a enjoyable, albeit expensive, place to spend some time.  [22 photos]

A ski area, on summer vacation, overlooks the town of Jackson.

The town at its feet

The antler arches are Jackson's trademark

A close up of the tangled antlers

Typical Jackson shops

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Good place to go grab a cold one.

Saddles for bar stools

Western scenes on the walls

This local brew was listed as an import. I guess if it wasn't made in that very building, it was imported.

The upper saloon room

The lower lounge room

The statue in the middle of the town common

Not what I thought.

A real stagecoach

With a hefty driver

An Indian ambushed by an eagle on a Jackson sidewalk. Such attacks are surprisingly common.

US-191, heading south from Jackson

US-191 South

US-191 South

The Wind River Range, just south of Jackson

US-191, south into the western Wyoming void....