Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming 7 July 2006

    At first, the morning clouds dismayed me, but they proved to be fine accessories to the scenic giants of the Teton Range.  [30 photos]

This is actually the south entrance. I came in from the north.

The road in, with the shrouded peaks ahead.

Leek's Marina

The northern half of the Teton Range

Clouds skirting the Range.

Mt. Moran

Thor Peak

Some of these photo won't have worthwhile captions. I can't always tell which mountain is which, and you probably don't care anyway.

Reflected glacier

The Tetons reflected in Jackson Lake

Teton Park Road

Thor's Peak

Clouds on the rise.

Thor's Peak, portrait view

How it all formed

Noble peaks, cloaked in cloudy robes

Jenny Lake: clear, clean, cold, and 200 feet deep.

Leigh Lake

Both lakes were gouged by glaciers, and filled with glacial melt as the ice packs retreated.

Glacier in the clouds

Mount St. John

Teton Glacier, on Grand Teton Mountain

Another glacier view

These horses have a nice home

Though I imagine it's a lot less green most of the year.

Hello, horse.

Mmmmmm.... wet grassssss......

The southern half of the Teton Range

A last look at the southern Tetons....