Glacier National Park (western half), Montana:  3 July 2006

    The Lewis and Livingston Ranges of the Rocky Mountains converge in the middle of Glacier NP, and Going-to-the-Sun Road twists

and squirms right up the mountainsides to the crest at Logan Pass, giving countless grand views along the way. [38 photos]

A carved eagle over a ranch gate points to Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald, from the Agpar Visitor Center, just inside the west entrance of the Park

A view across Lake McDonald, from Going-to-the-Sun Road

A mountain view across Lake McDonald, from Going-to-the-Sun Road

A mountain view across Lake McDonald, from Going-to-the-Sun Road

McDonald Creek

The Garden Wall looms over Going-to-the-Sun Road

Mount Oberlin

A ridge over McDonald Creek

A glacial bowl

High peaks over Going-to-the-Sun Road

Sperry Glacier, with Avalanche Creek running down from it

The Garden Wall

High ridge towers over tall trees

Great vista as Going-to-the-Sun Road begins to climb up out of the valley

Bird Woman Falls, across the valley, from Going-to-the-Sun Road

Snowy peak

Glacial drip along Going-to-the-Sun Road

McDonald Creek, from Going-to-the-Sun Road

Southern slope, down to McDonald Creek

Great view from Going-to-the-Sun Road

A cascade of glacial runoff trickles through a culvert under Going-to-the-Sun Road

Gorgeous view of Mt. Oberlin, Clements Mtn., Reynolds Mtn, and Gunsight Mountain

Lots of snow, still, in early July

As Going-to-the-Sun Road twists to the south, the view of the valley gets even better

McDonald Creek drains away to the southwest

The Weeping Wall

Another angle of McDonald Creek

Another sweet vista from Going-to-the-Sun Road

Bird Woman Falls tumbles 492 feet

Looking back to the west from Logan Pass

Clements Mountain towers above Logan Pass, with Gunsight Mountain behind

Clements Mountain

Logan Pass

A last look to the west before cresting the Pass

Snowbanks hung gamely to the roadside at Logan Pass