Glacier National Park (eastern half), Montana:  3 July 2006

    Going-to-the-Sun Road winds down from Logan Pass to Saint Mary Lake.  Other GNP areas, like Many Glacier

and Two Medicine Lake -- just about 20 miles from Canada -- added extra beauty to the tour.  This is truly a gorgeous place.  [44 photos]

Logan Pass

Looking back to the east at Going-to-the-Sun Road

A family of goats was grazing on bushes at the Logan Pass Overlook

The little kid of the clan

The big bad Billy goat actually made a brief threatening charge towards the little girl. His horns looked sharp.

An older kid

Another cute kid

Plenty of snow melting in the summer sun at Logan Pass

Looking east as Going-to-the-Sun Road begins its descent

A look back at Logan Pass from about a mile down the road

A gorgeous lush green valley stretches out ahead

If you can't go over or around, go through

Glacial basins are lush in summer, but must hold a LOT of snow in the long Montana winters

In 2005, I had to reroute my mid-May trip because GNP was still snowbound

Beautiful scenery, don't you think?

Another beautiful view

Jackson Glacier, on Jackson Mtn. Many glaciers are have been shrinking over the years, and may not last much longer.

Blackfoot Glacier looks healthy though

Glacial runoff

Going-to-the-Sun Mountain

Saint Mary Lake

Saint Mary Lake

Saint Mary Lake

The glassy surface of Saint Mary Lake

Saint Mary Lake mirrors the wide Montana sky

A critter munches lunch at Saint Mary Lake

A tremendous vista at Saint Mary Lake. I stayed here for a while, had some lunch, and just dug the view.

Saint Mary Lake

Saint Mary Lake

The Lewis Range stretches out to the south

A nice drive to ride on!

The range over the lake

Lake Sherburne, in the Many Glacier area

Lake Sherburne. Canada was only 20 miles from here; if it was sunnier to the north, I would have gone international.

The Lodge at Swiftcurrent Lake, in the Many Glacier area.

Apikuni Mountain, in the Many Glacier area

US-89 heads south through the Montana countryside

Two Medicine Lake, in the southeast corner of GNP

A critter at Two Medicine Lake chows down a whole grain bar

Eat up, Critter!

Welcome back to the West Entrance of GNP.

A late-day return to Agpar, only to find that clouds still bedeviled the scene.

Flathead Lake, south of GNP.

The afterglow over Flathead Lake, near Polson, with evening bugs dotting the shot....