Great Basin National Park, eastern Nevada 12 July 2006

    Wheeler Peak was mantled in snow in '05, but the area also looked nice in summer attire on this trip.  [22 photos]

The Skeleton Car, on the road into Great Basin NP

From the passenger side

Head on

Big head

Whheler Peak, and glacier

Wheeler Peak (13,063') and Jeff Davis Peak (12,771')

Bristlecone Pines in the foreground, the peaks in the background

Bristlecone Pines don't grow very tall -- less than 10 feet -- but they live for thousands of years. One was found that was 4950 years old!

A glacial bowl

Jeff Davis Peak

Looking at Wheeler Peak through a forest of aspens.

Aspens. I like aspens. Birches too. White trunks are OK by me.

Aspens and a glacial slope

Good scenery, huh?

The road ahead. How can anyone wonder why I like to drive to these places?

More road view

The ridge over the forest

Young aspens

A herd of baby aspens grazing in a sunny pasture

The long vista to the east, back into Utah

Looking north, across the rippling foothills

Leaving GBNP, looking back at Wheeler Peak