Cape Flattery, Washington:  28 June 2006

    More on principle than for scenery, I made the detour to the Northwesternmost Point in the contiguous United States.

To my delight, the Cape was a place of dramatic and beautiful scenery, and WELL worth the extra miles.  [23 photos]

Highway 112, heading west along the north coast of the Olympic peninsula

That's Canada over there.

WA-112 again, looking back to the east

Drive up a long road through deep forests, and you still have about a half-mile hike ahead of you

Much of the walkway is this very cool boardwalk constructed by the Makah Indians

Then, between the trees, you get our first glimpse of the specatacular coast

Having clear skies and brilliant sunshine doesn't hurt

Those trees look safe from the lumber industry

Cape Flattery is on Makah Indian Reservation land. It is not even a State Park.

Approaching the end of the walk, you get this view to the north

Caves like these have been worn deep by the relentless, wind-driven surf.

More caves

The view to the south

Canada in the distance, beyond the impressive cliffs

Cliffs to the south

Representing the southernmost city at the northwesternmost point.

WA-112 on the road back east, looking back a sweet sunset

The afterglow

A sunpillar in the deepening glow

The last glow on the contiguous USA...