Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Wyoming-Utah 7 July 2006

    A man-made reservoir stretches more than 90 miles, and straddles the Wyoming-Utah border.  A renowned trout fishing area,

and a haven for boaters, it is arid and barren in the north, but boasts impressive scenery in its southern extremes.  [31 photos]

Some Wyoming buttes to the west, as WY-530 enters FGNRA.

The landscape is dry and rugged

Some wildlife eyed me warily.

WY-530 can be a fast road: long open stretches and no traffic

That is, until you reach the hills

Flaming Gorge Reservoir was created by the construction of the Flaming Gorge Dam in 1958.

The Rez

The Rez, from even higher up

The hillside across the Gorge

The southern part of Flaming Gorge, much more spectaculr than the north.

The vista to the east, beyond the Gorge

A boater enjoys a different perspective

Let's zoom in on them

He's towing a skier!

The skier, zoomed 40x

Same shot, no zoom

Zoomed 40x once again

A thumbprint on the water

The lowering sun paints the cliffs a deeper red

More of the Gorge

The plateau across the Gorge

The countryside in the southern part of FGNRA

Nice place to have a house.

The red wall at the southern end of the Reservoir

A view of the Flaming Gorge Dam in the distance

The bridge into the town of Dutch John, UT

Sunset glow over a small lake near Vernal, UT

A good place to pause and watch for a while

Very cool sky

July 7th, which started north of Grand Teton NP, draws to a close

Good night......