Dinosaur National Monument, Utah-Colorado:  8 July 2006

    The Fossil Quarry was discovered in 1909 and protected as a National Monument in 1915.  Relics from as much a 150-million

years ago appear in amazing numbers in this now-arid-but-once-swampy region.  [38 photos]

The Pavillion where the excavated wall stands.

The full wall

Fossils in the wall.

More fossils in the wall

A full skeleton revealed

The kids give a good perspective on the size of the bones

More bones in the wall

A spine being cast

A skeleton on display

One very large leg

Nice teeth!

Brown teeth

A raptor

Head shot

The Claw


A Ranger gives a lecture on archeology

A fossil display


Wrist and claw

The spike from a Stegosaurus tail

A big, big femur.

The world history clock

Split Mountain

A painted hillside

Turtle Rock

Petroglyphs on the smooth side of a boulder


Can you find the lizard?

Petroglyph fans scope out the wall drawings

Josie Morris' cabin

Josie's living room

The box canyon behind the cabin

Canyon wall

The cliff base smoothed by centuries of water flow

Holes in the wall

The rock face

Ripples of soft sandstone