Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon-Washington:  25 June 2006

    The Gorge scenery was (of course) gorgeous, with the unexpected bonuses of numerous waterfalls, weird rocks, and mountaintop

vistas, but if there is a Next Time here, it will be to get more familiar with the quaint town of Hood River.  [28 photos]


Roadside rocks along US-30 east

The Columbia River, from the Oregon side.

A Hood River Brewhouse that I did not visit, one of the main regrets of my tight schedule.

The river, from the Washington side.

Looking across at Oregon.

Looking east, along the Washington bank.

Oregon, as seen from Washington.

Oregon to the west.

Oregon, to the south.

The Cascade Locks Bridge, connecting The Beaver and Evergreen States.

The Bridge.

Horsetail Falls, on Historic US-30 west

The foot of Horsetail Falls.

Speckled wall towering over US-30.

Multnomah Falls, on US-30.

Lower Multnomah.

An enthusiastic photo subject proclaims, "Here I am!!"

Silver sheen on the Columbia.

A babbling brook on US-30.

Wahkeena Falls.

It was a short and pleasant hike to the pool at the base of Bridal Veil Falls.

The Gorge, as seen from Haven House.

Haven House.

The northeasterly view from atop Larch Mountain.

Mount Hood.

Mount Hood, zoomed in.

Mt. Adams

The Columbia River, winding west to the Pacific.