The Colorado Riverway, Utah:  8 July 2006

    I first found Utah's Highway 128 in 2000 and was totally wowed by it.  Fisher Towers are a distinctive feature, but the miles and miles

of towering mesas and massive rock cliffs, as well as the River itself, make this one of my favorite roads in the USA.  [30 photos]

Welcome to Utah!

Looking back at colorful Colorado. Couldn't they put some of that color in their sign?

Leaving I-70 near the tiny pile of wreckage known as the "town" of Cisco, Utah's eastern void sprawls out, arid and barren.

The Colorado Riverway (UT-128) begins with some lush pastrures and grazing horses.

UT-128 takes a name for itself

The Colorado River looking brown beneath the gray sky and red cliffs

The red cliffs are more vibrant in sunshine

An amazing wall hems in the roadway.

The river carved through these formidable walls eons ago, and the road was built on the narrow river bank

Mesas along the Riverway

UT-128 rolls through the widened valley

The road rounds a bend in the river, and Fisher Towers come into view

The clouds give the oddly-rippled fins of Fisher Towers and eerie look

The Titan stands tall over the group of bizarre fins known as Fisher Towers

Welcome to Fisher Towers

From the base of Fisher Towers, a look back to the east along the Colorado Riverway.

A small wall in the front of Fisher Towers, with the Riverway behind

The Towers themselves

A tall butte

Another butte, as the clouds begin to break

Roadside rocks under late-day sunshine

Huge wall ahead

You feel very small rolling along under these cliffs

The Riverway takes you past more and more mesas and cliffs in this 42-mile ride.


A gap in the wall

The cornerstone

The streaks that stain the walls are known as "desert varnish"

The River

A final look at the Riverway, with Moab just ahead