Island In the Sky, Canyonlands National Park, Utah:  8 July 2006

    Island in the Sky is a high mesa that overlooks long and wide canyons, deep cutting rivers, and endless desert plains.  Fifty-mile views

are the norm.  A surprise dose of brilliant sunshine, after an overcast day, made the wide vistas even more tremendous.  [47 photos]

Utah Highway 313, leading into Canyonlands NP

This roadside wall seemed to be gritting its teeth

But if I was under that much solid rock, I'd be gritting my teeth too

Interesting rock formations off in the distance

Blue pools, each one over two miles wide. (No, just kidding.)

Blue skies, and bright late afternoon dazzle as I return to this part of Canyonlands for the first time since Roadrage2000.

A wing of the large mesa that is Island in the Sky

And another, on the edge of Shafer Canyon

A preview of Shafer Canyon, enough to make me turn back and take that intriguing dirt road

The road runs along the edge of a very tall acclivity. Can you spot the mkinivan in this picture? Looks damn small, duddinit?

Whoa.... Shafer Canyon itself begins to revel itself

The walls of Shafer Canyon

The road along the bottom. Had there been more time before sunset.... Oh well, Next Time.

The southern wall of the canyon

The fine line along the top of that sheer drop, that's the road I just used to get here. Pretty amazing stuff.

A longre view of Shafer Canyon, looking very goooood

And another. It was one wowing place

The swirls in the steep cayon wall belie the area's past as an ancient inland sea

The road and the wall again

A zoom-in on Shafer Canyon

The Green Hornet!

Looking at the Green River Overlook

The wide valley of the Green River

Zoomed in on the Green River itself

More Green River views

Distant shapes

The Green River valley again

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook

Green River Overlook, zoomed

Green River Overlook, zoomed again

Buck Canyon

Grand Point Overlook. When I was here in 2000, I sat under gray skies and watched a fercious lightning storm march across the plain and over me

Grand Point Overlook

Grand Point Overlook, cool canyon

Grand Point Overlook, looking eastsoutheast

Grand Point Overlook, looking southeast

Grand Point Overlook, looking south

Those distant shapes again

Grand Point Overlook, fins

Grand Point Overlook, canyons

Grand Point Overlook, canyon zoomed

Grand Point Overlook, spire

Grand Point Overlook, canyon wall, zoomed

Teeth, in sunlight this time

Good balance.

UT-313, exiting Canyonlands NP and heading for Moab....