Hops MacBarley's New England Brew Pub Tour 2010


The quest was three-fold:  visit family, enjoy New England scenery, and drink esoteric beers in quaint places.


The bullseye of the quest was the Classic Brew Pub, where the brew is both brewed and served on premises, preferably with a food option as well.


Not all of these hit the bullseye, but if they offered a tasty craft beer, be it regional or international, then I considered it at least on target.  IPA's were especially coveted.


It also was deemed a violation to have the same brew more than once, no matter how deeeeelicious it was.


In northern New England, I'd have one (maybe two) for lunch, then drive to the next place, and have one (maybe two) there.  Once I arrived at my final stop for the day (Portland, Bar Harbor, Burlington), I was on foot and looking to hit as many pubs as I could find.


Having cloudless, hot, summer days at Acadia National Park and at Fenway Park was a bonus, too.  Photo galleries are up on Picasa.  Watch the slideshows; they're the best.  Set the time thingy at the bottom for 7 seconds or more so you can read the captions.  Or just advance one at a time with the arrow keys.


So, here were the numerous watering holes of the Tour.

(* = sample cup at a microbrewery tasting session)

(** = at least some brews brewed on site)


Friday, 27 August -- 6 photos

Conch Flyer, Key West FL

            Harpoon IPA

Union Station Brewery, Providence RI**

            The Usual (Pale Ale)

            Ĺ Day IPA


Saturday, 28 August -- 33 photos

Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth NH**

            Bottle Rocket IPA

            Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale

Federal Jack's, Kennebunkport ME**

            Shipyard Ale (birthplace of!)

Gritty's, Portland ME**

            21 IPA

            Vacationland Summer Ale

Flatbread Company, Portland ME

            Shipyard Export Ale

Sebago Brewing Company, Portland ME**

            Fryeís Leap IPA

Sea Dog Brewing Company, South Portland ME**

            Sea Dog IPA


Sunday, 29 August -- 25 photos

The Great Lost Bear, Portland ME

            Dogfish Head 60-Minute IPA

10  Bray's Brew Pub & Eatery, Naples ME**

            Brandy Pond Blonde Ale

11  Three Tides, Bethel ME**

Ace Hole APA

Tug Pale Ale

12  Jack Russell's Brewery & Restaurant, Bar Harbor ME**

            Jordan Pond IPA

            Precipice Pale Ale

13  The Lompoc Cafe, Bar Harbor ME

            Bar Harbor Real Ale (birthplace of)


Monday, 30 August -- AM 101 photos -- PM 60 photos

14  Bar Harbor Brewing Company, Bar Harbor ME**

            *True Blue Blueberry Wheat Ale

            *Harbor Lighthouse Ale

            *Thunder Hole Ale

            *Cadillac Mountain Stout

            *Sea Smoke Smoked Brandywine Ale (Manly Men Beer Club)

15  Atlantic Brewery, Bar Harbor ME**

            *Mount Desert Ginger

            *Bar Harbor Real Ale (repeat)

            *Bar Harbor True Blue Blueberry Wheat Ale (repeat sample)

            *S.O.B. Ale [Special Old Bitter]

            *Coal Porter

            *Sea Smoke Smoked Brandywine Ale (repeat sample)

            *Brother Adamís Bragget Honey Ale [10%]

            Leaf Peeper Ale (pint)

16  The Thirsty Whale, Bar Harbor ME

            Gearyís Pale Ale

17  Finback Alehouse, Bar Harbor ME

            Allagash Blonde Ale


Tuesday, 31 August 2010 -- 33 photos

18  The Liberal Cup Taproom, Hallowell ME**

            Old Hallow Pale Ale

            Alewife Ale (Imperial Pint)

19  Sunday River Brewing Company, Belfast ME**

            420 IPA

            Sunday River Pale Ale

20  Moat Mountain Brewery & Restaurant, North Conway NH**

            Iron Mike Pale Ale

21  The Vermont Pub & Brewery, Burlington VT**

            Bombay Grab IPA

22  Three Needs Taproom, Burlington VT

            Switchback Ale

            Magic Hat Hex

23  Church Street Tavern, Burlington VT

            Long Trail Brown Ale

24  Farm House Tap & Grill, Burlington VT

            Rock Art IPA

25  Burlington Hearth, Burlington VT**

            TLA IPA


Wednesday, 1 September 2010  -- 43 photos

26  Arvad's Pub & Grill, Waterbury VT**

            Arvadís Ale (Otter Creek Pale Ale)

27  The Shed Brewery & Restaurant, Stowe VT**

            National IPA

            Mountain Ale

28  Northampton Brewery, Northampton MA**

            Eclipse IPA

            Nonotuck IPA

29  Eagle Brook Saloon, Norfolk MA**

            Paint Pony Pale Ale

30  The Yard House, Dedham MA

            Stone IPA

            Fire Rock Pale Ale

            Goose Island Honkerís Pale Ale

            Hazed and Infuzed Unfiltered IPA


Thursday, 2 September 2010 -- 19 photos

31  Harpoon Brewery, Boston MA**

            *Glacier Harvest í10 Wet Hop Ale (x2) -- bought a growler also

*UFO Pale Ale

            *UFO White Ale

            *UFO Hefeweizen

            *Leviathan IPA [10%]


            *Belgian White Ale

            *IPA (a repeat, but I had to have one here!)

32  Joe's American Bar & Grill, Braintree MA

            Whale Tale Ale

            Sam Adams Red Ale

            Harpoon IPA (repeat)


Friday, 3 September 2010 -- 23 photos

33  Noon Hill Grill, Medfield MA

            Mayflower IPA

            Red Racer IPA (6.5%) - can

            Gubna IPA (10.0%) - can

34  Massachusetts Brewers Guild Summerfest, Boston MA**

           *Ipswich IPA (Ipswich Brewery)

           *Whipple House Old Ale (Ipswich)

           *Black Dog IPA (Amherst)

           *Anniversary Ale (Amherst)

           *Improper Hopper Ale (Rock Bottom)

           *Black Hops (Blue Hills)

           *Wampatuck Wheat (Blue Hills)

           *Boston Lager (Sam Adams)

           *Opa-Opa IPA

           *Opa-Opa Oktoberfest

           *Wachusett IPA

           *Cape Cod Beer IPA

35  Lewis' Bar & Grill, Norwood MA

            Sam Adams Summer Ale (and a Lewisburger!)


Saturday, 4 September 2010 -- Boston at Noon, 62 photos / Fenway Park, 30 photos / Post-Game Boston, 34 photos

36  Doyle's Braddock Cafe, Jamaica Plain MA

            Green Monsta Ale

            Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale

37  Jake 'n' JOE'S Sports Grille, Norwood MA

            Rapscallion Honey Ale


Sunday, 5 September 2010 -- no photos

(Day of Rest -- except for the big cookout)


Monday, 6 September 2010 -- 126 photos

38  Brighton Beer Garden, Brighton MA**

            Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA (9%)

39  Tom Doyle's Irish Pub, Cambridge MA

            Widmerís Drifter Pale Ale

            Rogue Dead Guy Ale

40  Rock Bottom Brewery, Boston MA**

            Improper Hopper IPA

41  Cheers at Fanueil Hall, Boston MA

            Rapscallion Honey Ale

42   The Baseball Tavern, Boston MA

            Red Hook IPA (probably shouldn't count)

43  Fenway Park

            Green Monsta Ale (of course)




That's 83 different and (mostly) delectable brews.  'Twas a splendid time!