Need a custom sign for your business or home?  Need it fast, and set-up to your specs?

Need a brass plate for a frame or box or special item?


Standard, in-stock materials can usually be done in 24 hours.

Special order materials will still take less than 5 working days.


Small engraved plates

brass, steel, aluminum, and plastic in a variety of colors, and fonts


Indoor/Outdoor signage

            Custom 2-color signs from 1x 1 up to 18 x 24

Hundreds of plastics in matte, gloss, or metallic, stone  or wood finishes

Variety of thicknesses, and color schemes

UV coated for outdoor use, or indoor specific

Rotary or laser engravable,

Shallow or deep engraving, or cut-through

            Wood signs laser-engraved, up to 18 x 24

            Stock Signs (Emergency Exit, No Smoking, etc.) at great prices


Wood and plastic can be laser-cut in custom shapes.  (Metal can be straight-line-cut only.)


Stencils and cut-out letters in plastic or acrylic.


Acrylic signs in clear or colors, 1/8" or 1/4".  Custom laser-cut.  Reverse engraving available.


Laser-engraved plates and signs can often use ordinary JPG or TIF or BMP image files for logos or designs.  Rotary-engraving (i.e., on satin brass) requires EPS format (conversion is available).




Sample standard pricing -- includes basic layout and engraving:


Brass:  $1.50 per perimeter inch (p.i.)

Aluminum:  $1.00 per p.i.

Plastic, Exterior Material:  $0.75 per p.i.

Plastic, Economy:  $0.50 per p.i.

Wood (alder, or cherry or maple laminate):  $1.00 per p.i.


Example:  a 5" x 2" plate/sign would be 14 P.I. (5+2+5+2)

    Brass = $1.50 x 14 = $21.00

    Aluminum or Wood = $1.00 x 14 = $14.00

    Ext. Plastic = $0.75 x 14 = $10.50

    Economy Plastic = $0.50 x 14 = $7.00


Custom layouts or custom designs may require an additional design charge.