Creative Cribboards by ramack

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Here's the scoop:

·         I have a laser engraver, which cuts the shape and the holes in the hardboard

·         I have sublimation equipment, which puts a high-gloss, vivid-color image into (not just on) the surface (a very sturdy 1/8" thick).

·         I have LOTS of photos and love playing with photo software.

·         I grew weary of Basic Brown cribbage boards, and decided to rev the game up


STYLE 1:  Lasered Wood ($40 each)

Three 1/8” layers, with storage holes for your pegs on the end.

Standard size is 20” x 4”, with 1/8” (0.125”) holes

4-lanes of 60 holes on each side, for an up-and-back course.

12 ports on each side, for names or designs of your choosing




The Conch Republic:  24 landmarks of Key West

            Choose your 24 favorite places and select a center title


The Duval Crawl:  24 bars on (or just off Duval Street)

            Play up from Front Street to Angela, then back down to Sunset Pier


Team Board:  24 names and team insignias.  Commemorate your favorites.




 STYLE 2:  High-Gloss Hardboard


These boards are the marriage of art and cribbage.  One layer of 1/8” sublimated hardboard (Masonite), with color-matched pegs and a hanging hole so you can hang the art on your wall when you’re not skunking someone.

(A heavier 1/4" hardboard available for diamonds only) 


Several options.  You can provide your own image -- and feel free to be creative!  -- or choose from my ever-expanding selection.



I have just a few so far:

> Narrow Rectangle, 18.5" x 5.5", 2-lanes -- $25

> Wide Rectangle, 15.5" x 9", 4 lanes -- $33

> Diamond, 10.5" x 10.5", 4 lanes -- $30  [1/4" hardboard -- $35]

> Small Diamond, 8.5" x 8.5", 2 lanes -- $25  [1/4" hardboard -- $30]



Best Image Options:

 > Single image (below):  one photo covers the whole surface

 > Framed design (below):  Track has one color/image, "infield" has another

            Image for rectangles must be sized properly:

  12.5” x 6” for infield of wide rectangle

              14” x 4” for infield of narrow rectangle

 >  Use your photo (JPG is fine, no special format needed)

>  Use my photo.  Plenty of odd abstracts.  Lots of cool nature shots at

If you want to use your own photo, keep in mind that the outer track -- about 1.25" wide -- will have 2-4 lanes of holes running through it.

Below are just a few samples.  You can get nature scenes, people pix, bizarre abstracts, whatever you like...

Sand Diamond (15.5" x 9")


Blue Blocks (15.5" x 9")


Mason's Maze (brick archways at Fork Zack SP) -- (15.5" x 9")


Waterbugs, vivid red and blue -- (18.5" x 5.5")


White Sand and Blue Diamonds (18.5" x 5.5")


Black and Blue (18.5" x 5.5")


Fire Eye (18.5” x 5.5")


Icy Deep (15.5" x 9")


Kaboom (15.5" x 9")


Palm Fronds (15.5" x 9")



Blue Squared (10.5” x 10.5”)


A Cribwork Orange (10.5" x 10.5")



Swirly Tiles (10.5" x 10.5")

Variety of layer arrangements


Volcano (8.5" x 8.5")


White Sand and Blue Diamonds (8.5" x 8.5")



For a folding board, add $10

For matching cards, add $19 (and 2 weeks production time)




Matching Coasters, add $5 each

Matching Koozies, add $8 each




That's it for now!  There will be plenty more to come!


Questions?  Email Rick at





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