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Another beautiful night for racing in the street.  209 runners finished and course records tumbled.


The Men's Race was a classic duel as two 25-year-olds duked it out.  Doug Weeks led wire-to-wire with Keith Durden -- a State Meet medalist in the 4x400 as a KWHS senior in 2007 -- camped on his shoulder.  Doug anticipated Keith's swift kick and surged hard with a quarter-mile to go (St. Paul's Church) and took the sting out of his rival's finish.  Even so, the race was not decided till the final 50 meters. 


The women's race was a battle also, with hometown girl Tristin Milliken defending her title as Queen Of The Road, placing 7th overall, and shattering her course record by 17 seconds.  The KWHS senior had a strong challenge from 29-year-old Kristin Chester, but made a savvy push at the half-mile mark (Mangoes) and forged a lead that she would not relinquish, winning 5:34.0 to 5:39.5.


Team 19 easily won the Male Team race, scoring a near-perfect 7 points (1st, 2nd, and a 4th place finish by KWHS soph Jerry Burgess).


Cheetah Girls -- Milliken, 7th grader Nicole Matysik, and 10th-grader Catherine Richardson -- comfortably defended their title.


Street Meat copped the crown for the Mixed Gender team.  Kristin Chester's 10th place finish led the squad, with Andy Winckler and Melvin Shaffer providing the solid depth.  Their 44-point total was the second best score of the day.


Again, big thanks to Sir Peter for including us in the big CRIC shindig, Dennis for rallying his army of marshals, KWPD for the escort, Smokin' Tuna Saloon for the venue and victuals, KWSR for the help and hardware, SoMo Foot & Ankle for the support, and especially to the ladies from Local Awards for running that mega-raffle so well!


Hope to see you all again in 2015!



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That was dang cool, huh?  Stridin' down Duval on a gorgeous night, with a KWPD escort, and people cheering all along the sidewalk.  Pretty sweet.  We had 171 finishers, some fast, some not-so-fast, but all digging Duval.


Many thanks to Sir Peter Anderson for including us in the Conch Republic Independence Celebration!  I'll take the blame for the misunderstanding about the start, but you know what we ran?  Exactly 5000 feet. 

As far as I'm concerned, we had the World Championship 5000-Foot Run.  Beat that.  So what if The Duval Mile is a little "off" from what the rest of the world considers a "mile."  What else would you expect?


[For you conversion freaks, we ran 0.947 of a mile.  Multiply your time by 1.056 to get your "true mile" time.  For instance, 4:41.2 = 281.2 seconds.  That times 1.056 = 296.9 seconds, or 4:56.9]


[Converted times for all runners have now been posted.]


Huge thanks to the KWSR folks, especially for their finish line mastery, and to Dennis for rallying the volunteer army. 


Also, big big props to Smokin' Tuna Saloon!  Bevs and food were outstanding!


We have a few bumps to smooth out -- that argument between the timing device and the laptop was unfortunate -- so next year's event will be even better.  And we'll have more shirts.  ;]


Thanks, one and all, for running or volunteering or hosting.  I hope you enjoyed.

If you won any division, group, or category, you are now, officially, a Duval Street Mile Record Holder...